Become a COSO Internal Control Expert

and develop your expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring a system of internal control.

The IIA is now offering a distant learning option to earn the COSO Internal Control Certification.

Learn how to develop an expertise in designing, implementing, and conducting an internal control system!

Designing and implementing an effective system of internal control can be challenging, and adapting to rapidly changing business models, new technologies, or
globalisation requires that system to be agile.

An internal control system requires the use of judgment to monitor and assess its effectiveness, and it must provide insight on the application of controls.

Participants earn up to 25.5 CPE credits through the COSO Internal Control–Integrated Framework from start to finish and, through the use of real-world scenarios, prepares them to:

  • Understand the principles-based approach.
  • Identify and analyse risks.
  • Develop confidence in the internal control system.
  • Learn from experts and share your experiences with your peers.