Lean & Agile Auditing: virtual sessions

Event dates: 10 May 2022, 11 May 2022



Lean & Agile Auditing


Lean & agile techniques provide tools and techniques to eliminate waste, maximise impact and increase value adding activities – key for many internal audit functions. They lead us towards ways to audit in a progressive way. At the same time, we must remain compliant with IIA standards.


Heads of internal audit, internal audit managers and experienced audit staff.


Upon completion you will be able to:

• understand the fundamentals of lean, lean six sigma and agile
• reconsider who are the key customers of internal audit, what adds value and what doesn’t
• reflect on the audit planning process and role of IA – for example what should be our role auditing known/suspected issues?
• improve assignment planning, with key exam questions
• ensure stakeholders understand what is in/out of scope from a breadth and a depth perspective
• how to generate work programmes quickly
• drive “flow” through the assignment process by prioritising work in sprints
• Use scrums/stand-ups
• be clear about root cause analysis fundamentals (lean technique key for insight)
• enhance reporting and action-planning, both in terms of the length of reports, the way they are written and the process for agreeing actions
• understand the measures that drive lean/agile ways of working, but also ensure compliance with IIA standards – and do we really need timesheets?
• gain some practical insights around where to start first and some of the behavioural changes that are needed in the IA team




10/05: 13.00-14.45 and 15.00-16.30

11/05: 09.00-10.30 and 10.45-12.15


Comments about James Paterson from other courses

o Very informative – many thanks

o James have lots of really interesting and useful examples

o Really good overview and great tools, ideas and examples to take away. I really enjoyed it and want to learn more

o James was fantastic. I would certainly recommend courses by him to other colleagues.

o James has a very engaging delivery method.

o James has a very good delivery style and keeps you engaged on the topic being presented. He is also very good at relating to individuals and getting points of understanding.

o Good pace and discussion

o The delivery was really excellent

Lean & Agile Auditing: virtual sessions

2 virtual sessions on “Lean and Agile Auditing”. Starting on 10 May until 11 May 2022.

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About the facilitator

James Paterson

Director: RiskAI

Former CAE / Head of Internal Audit, offering in-house and open training, workshops and consulting since 2010. Author of the book Lean Auditing, looking at lean/agile ways of working in internal audit. Delivery of internal auditing courses for the the IIA Belgium, IIA Bulgaria, IIA Finland, IIA Estonia, IIA France, IIA Latvia, IIA Lithuania, IIA Luxembourg, IIA Norway, IIA Sweden, IIA Switzerland, IIA Spain, IIA UK. Audit Leadership course for MIS training. Key areas of expertise: RISK ASSURANCE - Assurance Mapping & co-ordination, Auditing Culture; LEAN & AGILE INTERNAL AUDIT - Driving value add, insight and productivity in internal audit; AUDIT TEAM EFFECTIVENESS & DEVELOPMENT - Root cause analysis for internal audit / Preparing for an External Quality Review (EQA) / Internal Auditing in Pharmaceuticals and Biotech companies, high performing teams for internal audit.