Managing yourself and others: virtual sessions

Event dates: 02 Oct 2023, 03 Oct 2023



Managing Yourself and Others


The IIA has developed a new competency framework for Internal Auditors. 25% of this framework is “Leadership & Communication” highlighting that no matter how good we are at the technical aspects of our job there is a crucial task to be done to secure agreement to any changes via our “soft skills”. This workshop discusses these soft skills and gives you an opportunity to reflect on areas of strength and improvement both in managing stakeholders and working with staff/colleagues in the IA team.


This workshop starts with two short pieces of pre-work and then dives into the specific influencing and negotiating challenges the auditors face and dissects why these challenges arise in a systematic way. We will clarify some of the psychological and organisational factors that affect our ability to influence others, as well as deepening our understanding of how to manage ourselves in these strange times with on-line meetings and phone calls.


Areas covered include:

– Personality types and common influencing challenges
– The practical reasons why it is important to develop a network and how to assess how good your network is
– How people change their behaviour when under stress and what to do about this
– Fundamental psychological factors that impact our ability to influence – self justification, confirmation bias, group dynamics, authority and perspective.
– How to take an inventory of your influencing styles and the key areas you might need to enhance
– A model of influencing without authority (Cohen and Bradford)
– The LIM influencing model (Bronze – Sliver – Gold)
– What is political savvy and what type of “political animal” are you? Why your influencing style needs to change depending on the political context you are working within.
– How to analyse influencing situations in terms of a chess match and what are the other chess pieces on the board?

This workshop will not be the same as others you may have attended on this topic and you will be able to discuss in confidence “war stories” that will help to take you to another level when it comes to managing yourself and others.



02/10: 13.00-14.45 and 15.00-16.30

03/10: 09.00-10.30 and 10.45-12.15



Managing yourself and others: virtual sessions

Virtual sessions: “Managing yourself and others: Influencing and Well-Being for internal auditors”.

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About the facilitator

James Paterson

Director: RiskAI

James C Paterson is former head of audit for AstraZeneca PLC and has been consulting and training for the past 10 years for the IIA in Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the UK. He is the author of the book “Lean Auditing” and has spoken at 3 IIA International Conferences and also the ECIIA conference. He contributed to the IIA global team that worked on developing practice guidance for internal audit plans.