Mapping Risk in a Changing World: virtual session

Starts 11 Feb 2022



Mapping Risk in a Changing World


Disruption and volatility are here to stay. How can we map risks to provide assurance in times of rapid change? This practical, hands-on course encourages discussion and reflection. It includes small-group exercises based on real-life examples and case studies.


Beginners and experienced practitioners in any assurance function. In particular:

• chief audit executives and senior leadership teams responsible for preparing audit plans
• audit team leaders responsible for planning engagements
• audit team members responsible for assessing risk and control environments, especially complex ones


• better appreciate current, emerging and future risks in attendees’ own and other sectors, and how these affect each other
• use good practice in articulating risks and persuading senior decision-makers
• develop or adapt plans to provide assurance more effectively and efficiently


• What is risk?
• Definitions and standards
• Common responses (individual and corporate) to risk
• Audit plans past, present and future
• Reactive changes
• Proactive changes
• How to prioritize
• Translating plans into engagements and lasting improvement
• Mapping areas of shared risk and control
• Effective testing and root cause
• Communicating headlines to executives and management



Mapping Risk in a Changing World: virtual session

Virtual session: “Mapping Risk in a Changing World” - 11 February 2022

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About the facilitator

Sara I. James


Owner, Getting Words to Work

With over 30 years’ teaching, writing, publishing and corporate experience in the US and Europe, Sara brings a wealth of varied yet specialist experience to any engagement. As a recognised expert in internal audit communications, she delivers tailored report-writing and other training to internal audit, risk and compliance teams worldwide.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (UK and Ireland) Technical Guidance Working Group, Sara has produced numerous advisory pieces. She has also produced articles on clear writing for Audit & Risk magazine and spoken at numerous audit conferences.