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Starts 09 Dec 2021

How to audit BCM: virtual sessions

Facilitated by Gert Kogenhop
2 virtual sessions: “How to audit BCM” – 09/16 December 2021
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09 Dec 2021

Ethics webinar: virtual session

Facilitated by Matej Drašček
Virtual session: “Ethics” – 9 December 2021
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22 Dec 2021

Auditing staff health, welfare and wellbeing risk : virtual session

Facilitated by John Chesshire
Virtual session: “Auditing staff health, welfare and wellbeing risk” – 22/12/21
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Starts 24 Jan 2022

Preparing for an External Quality Assessment: virtual sessions

Facilitated by Kelly Hogan
In its IPPF, the global Institute of Internal Auditors requires Internal Audit functions to undergo an external quality review every five years.
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11 Feb 2022

Mapping Risk in a Changing World: virtual session

Facilitated by Sara I. James
Virtual session: “Mapping Risk in a Changing World” – 11 February 2022
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Starts 15 Mar 2022

Managing yourself and others: virtual sessions

Facilitated by James Paterson
Virtual sessions: “Managing yourself and others: Influencing and Well-Being for internal auditors”.
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Starts 22 Mar 2022

Process Mining for Auditors: virtual sessions

Facilitated by Anne Rozinat
2 virtual sessions: “Process Mining for Auditors” – 22/29 March 2022
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