IIA Belgium presents a new progressive dues structure as of 2022!

The progressive fee calculation is based on an increasing discount according to the size of the group membership in which the same base amounts will be applied for the first x number of members within the same group membership.

Consider the following:

  • The progressive fee structure allows smaller or less-resourced organizations to join the Institute at lower rate.
  • There are no differences in benefits among dues levels. 
  • The progressive fee structure is designed to make all of our Institutes’s benefits and services available to a much broader range of organizations.
  • The progressive fee structure is expected to bring in more annual revenue than the current structure, and will help the organization move forward on its business plan for the next years.
  • Individual membership dues will not be affected by this progressive dues structure.

General conditions:

  • The membership period will always be one year and will start on January 1st till December 31st.
  • Group membership is available if your internal audit department has 2 or more internal auditors joining the Institute. The main requirement is that all audit professionals must be enrolled as member.
  • The group category depends on the number of members registered in January. Additional members are charged (prorate annual fee till 31/12) during the year.
  • No reimbursement is made when members leave, but replacements are possible without any additional costs. All member rights are attached to the party that has paid the membership fee.
  • Each member of your group will enjoy all individual benefits of membership, including access to the online resources on the www.globaliia.org website and will get group discounts on training, events and exams.
  • All members must complete the online membership application form individually.
  • Besides the selection of the membership category, each member should also verify whether the requirements and formalities as described in the membership types are met and regulated. 
  • The Head or Manager of the internal audit department’ can become member of our Chief Audit Executives Club at an annual rate of 650 euro.

If you have any question regarding this matter, please contact IIA Belgium at +32 2 219 82 82 or per email at membership@iiabelgium.org

Group 2-9 Person

DescriptionCredits 23456789
Total Fee 400 600 8001.0001.2001.4001.6001.800
Fees are not subject to VAT – * Discount already included in Total Fee

Group 10-19 Person

 + 150 euro per additional member 1503004506007509001.3501.500
Total Fee 1.9502.1002.2502.4002.5502.7003.1503.300
Discount* 250320390460530600810880
Fees are not subject to VAT – * Discount already included in Total Fee

Group 20-49 Person

 + 85 euro per additional member3.3853.4703.5553.8104.2354.6605.0855.850
Fees are not subject to VAT – * Discount already included in Total Fee

Group 50-89 Person

+ 60 euro per additional member5.9106.2106.5106.8107.1107.4107.7108.850
Fees are not subject to VAT – * Discount already included in Total Fee

Group > 100 Person

93 euro flat fee per member
Total Flat fee9.30013.95018.60027.90037.200
Fees are not subject to VAT – * Discount already included in Total Fee