Live webinar! How to effectively leverage combined assurance to meet organisational objectives?

Thursday, February 25th | 13:00 GMT | 60 minutes

Join Liz Sandwith, Chief Professional Practices Adviser at Chartered IIA in a 60 minutes webinar, where she will introduce the combined assurance model, its background and explain how to get started.

In any given organisation, the combined assurance model seeks to mitigate the risk of assurance providers working in silos, thereby making a complete risk picture difficult to obtain. Combined assurance can help, but how?

With a well implemented combined assurance model, assurance providers (internal and external) are working more closely together to streamline their work and reporting, enabling them to meet organisational objectives. The new 3 lines model supports this by reference to coordination, collaboration, communication and alignment between internal audit (3rd line) and management (1st and 2nd lines).

In this webinar, we’ll introduce the combined assurance model, its background, and answer the following questions:

  • How does it help meet organisational objectives?
  • How can it increase the coordination of assurance providers, resulting in better planning, and resource allocation?
  • Who are the key stakeholders, and who requires assurance within your organisation?
  • How is assurance delivered to each stakeholder – what is the method and timing?