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IIA Global Webinar Playback Library is now available to Affiliate members !

IIA Global Headquarters has launched the Webinar Playback Library to provide IIA members with up-to-the-minute information on today’s latest topics from thought leaders in the internal audit industry–directly from your desktop or mobile device. In support of your continuing professional education, IIA Global offers all its members with the flexibility to view previously recorded trainings (playbacks) while earning CPE credits

Two new webinar playbacks will be released each month on varying topics such as professional ethics, governance, risk and control, critical thinking, and special focus topics.

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Watch the Latest Webinars

The two webinars of December:

The IIA’s Internal Audit Competency Framework© Webinar

IIA Global

Strategies and Tools for Auditing Ethics and Culture

IIA Australia

The two webinars of November:

Cracking the Decency Code: The Leader’s Path to Integrity and Trust

IIA Australia

Agile en auditoria interna bbva el inicio de una nueva era

IIA Spain

The two webinars of October:

Three Lines Model Webinar

Getting the Most Out of Risk Assurance Mapping (Courtesy of IIA Australia)

IIA Australia

The two webinars of September:

The Role of Internal Audit in Fraud Prevention

IIA North America

Liderazgo de equipos de auditoria interna en remoto

IIA Spain

The two webinars of August :

Ransom Attack: What Happens Next?

IIA Australia

Usted tambien deberia pensar como un hacker

IIA Spain

The two webinars of July both focus on Ethics:

Code of Ethics – Your Practical Guide

IIA Australia

La tecnica sin etica es perverse

IIA Spain

The two webinars of June :

Cyber Risk Fundamentals

IIA Australia

This webinar aims to highlight the importance of effectively managing cyber risks. Cyber events can threaten both the financial and reputational health of organizations.  It will outline threats to both IT and OT systems and will offer effective mitigation strategies to defend against cyber threats.

Utilizing Technology to Advance Internal Audit and Stay Relevant in a New Risk Environment

IIA North-America

Now more than ever, data analytics and new technology will become more prevalent within organizations. Audit will play a strategic role by utilizing these resources to identify new issues and manage emerging risks. This session will discuss best practices for effectively integrating data analytics into an audit program, and explore future possibilities for leveraging RPA and AI.

The two webinars May both focus on COVID-19:

Social Distancing and Internal Audit: Strategies for Auditing in a Time of Crisis

IIA North America | Governance, Risk and Control

Special Focus: COVID-19

​IIA Spain | Special Focus: COVID-19