Belgium goes forward! Award Session for the Belgium Audit-Championship

On the 30th of June, we organized the European Audit Championship closing event, which was hosted by Dominik Foerschler of the ARC. It was then followed by a free webinar on brain research HiANCA Audit Methodology.

As you know, the final stage of the European Audit Championship will commence in September 2021, and those that have been qualified from the Belgian Audit Championship will partake in this grand event!

We would like to congratulate our Top 3 Most Valuable players (Eszter Nagy, Benoit Saussez and Mateusz Czarnecki) and our Top 3 Audit Teams (SWIFT, RSVZ and bpost & PWC). The following participating players also deserve to be honourably mentioned: Greet De Cat, Jonathan Gerlache, Laura van Cauteren, Olivier Dedier, Johannes Cambien, Julie Delaere, Dimitri Scholliers and Peter Dekoninck. We are also proud to have nominated the following 3 players (Kathleen Meganck, Sarah De Ridder and Cedric Pires) as backup in case of any unforeseen circumstances regarding our core team.

We fully support everybody heading into the final phase of this competition. Our team is more than capable in demonstrating the performance of auditing and how it can continue to be fundamental and instructive for countries all over Europe.

Let’s get ready to rumble!