September 12, 2022
The other side of the table – “Talk to me” October 1995 was an amazing month for me. It was the first month in my life I wasactive in an audit team, and little did I know how many audits would follow in theyears after, both in Belgium and abroad.Let me set the scene: I […]
August 17, 2022
The IIA kicked off the IPPF Evolution project in 2021, with an objective to modernize and transform the IIA Standards and ensure their relevance and responsiveness to today’s challenges. The IPPF Evolution project seeks to promote consistent global internal audit practice and to enhance internal auditors’ ability to help organizations achieve their objectives.  This webinar […]
June 28, 2022
💡It is important to assess that sustainability is more than caring on the environment only. The social environment and governance environment in which a corporation is acting are also critical for a corporation, but more importantly, sustainability needs to be seen as managing a corporation so that it can continue to operate for the generations […]
June 10, 2022
June 9, 2022
Interesting reading: Is there such a thing as the typical personality of an internal auditor? by James Paterson      
May 25, 2022
      Invitation to the General Assembly This virtual meeting will be organized on the 10th of June at 16.00. The agenda of the General Assembly 2022 looks as follows: 1. The approval of the 2021 financial accounts.2. The approval of the 2022 budget.3. The discharge for the Board of Directors over 2021.4. The discharge for […]
May 20, 2022
    The conflict in Ukraine requires greater vigilance in cyber security. ISACA Belgium, the Institute of Internal Auditors Belgium and the Institut Français de l’Audit et du Contrôle Internes (IFACI) decided to issue a short impact briefing for all members. Read the full article here. 
May 11, 2022
    Webinar | Human Capital, diversity and talent management: how to manage this growing risk? (Date and Time – 26 April 2022 – from 14:00 to 15:00 CET) Watch the webinar here.   In the last edition of the Risk in Focus report, human capital, diversity, and talent management rose to its highest position ever when it […]
April 22, 2022
Dear Chief Audit Executive, Dear Head of Internal Audit,   Participate in the TOP 5 Indicators challenge! SCORECARD is a real-time benchmark application, allowing to learn from your peers and to build operational action plans Scorecard allows you to: Compare and learn on a complete set of key indicators The benchmark covers the most pressing […]
April 8, 2022
From 11 April through 13 April, the IIA Bel back-end will be down for maintenance.
April 7, 2022
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April 5, 2022
Read the report from the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors.
April 5, 2022
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March 29, 2022
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March 29, 2022
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March 9, 2022
Dear valued member, You’re invited to a live webinar, hosted by Wolters Kluwer TeamMate, titled ‘A view from the board room‘. Truly successful audit teams operate through their influence not their formal power. This requires sophisticated stakeholder engagement to ensure that business change occurs not just in response to audit points but with true buy […]
February 11, 2022
La recherche de l’excellence étant au cœur des principaux défis des directions d’audit, elle passe souvent non seulement par la conformité aux normes d’audit, mais aussi, par l’adoption de solutions d’audit qui leur permettent de digitaliser leurs activités gagnant ainsi en efficacité et en efficience. Désormais, avec des projets de mise en place des solutions […]
January 31, 2022
‘Risk transformation’ has been a hot topic for some time now, especially in a period during which uncertainty has become the standard.  KPMG is launching a benchmark study to provide a clear view on the expected evolutions in the risk management profession for the non-financial sector in the coming five years. To make this study […]
January 28, 2022
Today, virtually every organization with customers, employees, suppliers, or other third-party relationships can find itself subject to a rapidly growing array of specific privacy and data protection requirements. Such regulations can present challenges to organizations in general and pose specific challenges to internal auditors. The intent of this report is to assist internal auditors in […]
January 19, 2022
This informative online event, will unveil the findings of our 2022 State of Accounting Firms survey, examine the latest trends in practice management, and look at what’s in store for 2022.  In addition, attendees will also learn about the increasing importance of bringing powerful data analytics in your engagements to swiftly analyze transactions, better identify […]
January 19, 2022
In this informative event, special guest speakers and CaseWare team members will examine the challenges and priorities facing the internal audit functions worldwide, and also demonstrate how internal auditors can bring advanced analytics directly into their audits to swiftly analyze transactions, better identify risks, and benefit corporate strategy. Attendees will also learn about the latest […]