General Assembly 2022: virtual session




Invitation to the General Assembly

This virtual meeting will be organized on the 10th of June at 16.00.

The agenda of the General Assembly 2022 looks as follows:

1. The approval of the 2021 financial accounts.
2. The approval of the 2022 budget.
3. The discharge for the Board of Directors over 2021.
4. The discharge for the external auditor over 2021.

As for the voting procedure, the Registered Internal Auditors (*) who have registered for the online event will receive a mail with a link to the voting procedure.

The mail to vote will be sent on the day of the General Assembly. The voting will be done live during the online meeting after the presentation of the referring points. Results will also be shown at the end of the meeting.

All members are invited to attend the virtual General Assembly by registering here.


(*) From our Articles of Association : RIA (Registered Internal Auditor) members are natural persons exercising the profession of Internal Auditor and who meet the following training and experience requirements: a) possess a recognition of “Certified Internal Auditor” by the Institute of Internal Auditors Inc.; or b) have a certificate, from an accredited training at home or abroad, aimed at internal audit or administrative organization and internal control. It concerns i.e. courses leading to the degree of master (class) or post graduate programs in internal auditing. Additionally, a proven experience of three years in internal audit is required. The association may possibly accept other equivalent certifications, or recognize any other or additional conditions. Application requirements are stated in article 10 of the Articles of Association IIA Belgium.