Sepia Solutions has renewed their sponsorship with us!

We are pleased to announce that Sepia Solutions has renewed their sponsorship with us.
We look forward to our collaboration! 

What is Sepia Solutions about?

Sepia Solutions focusses exclusively on expert GRC / CAATs software. More particularly on these tools:

Sepia Solutions delivers implementation projects from A to Z for their professional clients.
Typically, such implementation projects include following services:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Configuration workshops
  • Coaching and assistance during implementation
  • Consultancy
  • Development of customisations and automations
  • Technical support

This comprehensive approach invariably leads to well-controlled projects that are:

  • Completed on-time
  • Delivered within budget and lead to tangible results
  • The catalyst for further professional improvement

For more information, visit their website.