Survey on the alignment between business Internal Audit and IT Internal Audit

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Currently, I am finishing a master in IT management at the Antwerp Management School. In the context of my master thesis project, about the alignment between business Internal Audit and IT Internal Audit, your support and opinion would be very much appreciated. 

Curious why? Let me explain: The corporate world is drastically changing because of the pervasive digital transformation. Companies respond to these changes by aligning as much as possible their business strategy, organisation, and activities with their corresponding IT strategy, organisation, and activities. Not an easy quest, but essential to remain relevant. Control functions, and more specifically Internal Audit departments, often still organise their work by dividing business and IT topics in separate audit activities – although, based on personal experience, they too are trying to close the gap. This division between business and IT will possibly lead to audit departments not being aligned anymore with the goals and expectations of their organisations, which might decrease the value they offer to their stakeholders. Like companies, audit departments too will have to reinvent themselves to remain relevant. 

In this context, my master thesis project tries to answer the question whether an Internal Audit activity in which business and IT auditors are more aligned will increase its effectiveness, and add more value for its organisation? Through this survey, I hope to be able to provide an answer on this question.
The survey is composed of three parts:- The first, general part will try to assess possible contingency factors (including demographic variables, variables related to your audit department, to your professional experience, etc.).- The second part wants to assess the maturity level of the alignment in your audit department. For this part, an Audit Strategic Alignment Maturity Model has been established, based on the existing Strategic Alignment (Maturity) Model literature, the IPPF Standards, and an analysis of articles that appeared in the Internal Auditor (the official journal of the IIA) on the topic. This model has been independently reviewed by four auditors with different experience levels. Subsequently, an expert panel has further refined the model and the proposed maturity levels. – The last part tries to measure your perception of the value adding capability of your audit department. The corresponding variables are also based on a thorough academic literature research.

Some practicalities: the survey takes around 20 minutes to complete. You can return and change your previously recorded answers. All your answers are completely anonymous. 
I really hope that you can free up some time (approx. 20 minutes) to share your valuable opinion, and support me in this master thesis project, which has been one of the most interesting journeys in my professional career. I hope as well that this research will have an added value for you and your audit department, as it tries to provide an answer to a question of special interest in this fast-changing world.

Sam van Emmelo

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